Brad Cain Testimonial

I am a home owner in Kalispell, Montana.  I had my home built 6 years ago. As part of that process I did my own landscaping on a .75 acre lot. I spent over $1000 on concrete curbing/border at that time. In the six years this border has cracked and virtually broken apart. As a do-it-yourselfer, I chose to try Polyborder™ as a replacement product. My experience with Polyborder™ couldn’t have been better. This product allowed me to lay out a template before actually putting it down. What a great feature! It allowed me to put bends and turns into my borders that no concrete curb machine could do. A weed trimmer is almost not even needed now with the way Polyborder™ allows me to mow along and over it as a mower strip. I did three tree rings with the product also. With weed fabric in place, decorative rock to finish, these added a finished look to my yard that it was lacking. Polyborder™ is truly a great product that gives my yard a look that I only thought a professional could bring to the table. I would recommend this product to anyone considering concrete border. It is a great alternative that has many benefits.

-Brad Cain

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