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Concrete Comparision

When comparing Polyborder to the other types of edging systems or products on the market, it’s important to remember that each Polyborder piece is 16” long. Most product pricing is based on a per foot charge, from extruded concrete curbing to fiber board and metal, everything is priced per foot.

The advantages to using Polyborder compared to the other products is something we’re very proud of.

1) You can run your drip lines or low voltage lines inside the curb.

2) You can easily disassemble and remove sections of the curb when needed to add sprinklers, remove root systems, or to allow access for equipment when landscaping.

3) Mowers of all sizes can run on top of the curb to speed up the mowing process and lower maintenance cost.

4) The curb itself, is your template when prepping an area for installation.

5)  No cleanup or turf damage to worry about that you do with extruded curbing machines.

6)  DYI homeowners can put it together.

7)  No need to wait for the perfect weather to install.

The list goes on and on. The ease of installation and added street appeal when finished amazing.


Polyborder is manufactured out of  High Density Polyethylene with a high load UV inhibitor. The product doesn’t become brittle in below zero temperatures and maintains its integrity at very high summer temperatures. These additives and manufacturing materials are very high quality. 

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