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Landscape Edging Products
Whether you are a landscaping professional or a DIYer you have many options available when choosing landscape edging products for your project. Depending on your needs there are choices ranging from basic plastic lawn edging all the way to some pretty fancy concrete or brick. Polyborder™ offers the best of both worlds. a plastic landscape edging ... read more
Landscape Edging Ideas
Looking for ideas for edging your grass or landscaped areas? You have come to the right place. Landscape edging makes a frame for your yard or garden and can make it look much more manicured/clean. However, edging can get quite expensive depending on which types of materials you use. There are, of course, numerous inexpensive options for your ... read more
Tree Borders
Installing tree borders to trees in your yard can add a beautifully polished appeal to your landscaping and reduces arbor maintenance. A simple, do-it-yourself project, adding a border to a tree is simple and can be completed in a few minutes with Polyborder™’s 4 foot or 8 foot Circle Tree Border Kit. When using Polyborder™ landscape bor... read more
More praise for Polyborder™ Landscape Edging
Hi, I am the owner of Shiloh Valley Vacation Homes near Glacier National Park and I can’t say enough about Polyborder™. It is fantastic in every way. I used to spend hours every week weed eating around trees, power poles, water hydrants, railroad tie borders, and rocks, but thanks to the my new Polyborder™ those days are gone! Now I just zip ... read more
Another Polyborder™ Testimonial
I am a home owner in Kalispell, Montana.  I had my home built 6 years ago. As part of that process I did my own landscaping on a .75 acre lot. I spent over $1000 on concrete curbing/border at that time. In the six years this border has cracked and virtually broken apart. As a do-it-yourselfer, I chose to try Polyborder™ as a replacement prod... read more
A New Polyborder™ Testimonial
Polyborder™ is by far the most superior landscape edging and tree ring product we have ever used. In the past we’ve tried black plastic edging, bricks, concrete curbing and rubberized tree mats. Only to have these products move out of alignment, heave, crack and fade. Polyborder™ was easy to install and provides our yard with a very plea... read more
Landscape Borders and Landscape Edging
Landscape borders and landscape edgings are used to define a garden or plant bed and to decoratively separate it from the rest of the yard. Depending on the type of landscaping border or edging you choose, a border can: Serve only as a cosmetic element. Be a barrier to grass or weeds. Hold mulch and soil in place. There are many type... read more

Find Your Favorite Brand

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