Tod Fox Testimonial

Hi, I am the owner of Shiloh Valley Vacation Homes near Glacier National Park and I can’t say enough about Polyborder™. It is fantastic in every way. I used to spend hours every week weed eating around trees, power poles, water hydrants, railroad tie borders, and rocks, but thanks to the my new Polyborder™ those days are gone! Now I just zip around the new flush mount Polyborder™ with my mower and my work is done!   The Polyborder™ allow you to place beautiful flowers, decorative shrubs , trees, or anything else inside them and you don’t have to worry with weeds, grass joints, or any time wasting issues.    I placed  colorful small creek rock in my borders, and when I finish mowing, I am free to head out to Beautiful Glacier National Park or down to the river catch fish. If you want to save time, money and energy, get Polyborder™ installed and get out there and enjoy life knowing that you will have a neat, manicured lawn waiting for you when you get home!

-Tod Fox Owner of Shiloh Valley Vacation Homes

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